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GoPro Karma Recalled (  We all had high hopes but for now it may not be what we need. 

My Concerns: 
GoPro is the leader in Mini Sport Action Camera and now they finally have their own drone.   Easy to fly, compact and heavy at 4 lbs+.  It comes with a compact case too.  It is a beautiful drone, and she is big.  

At first glance, it looks great!  $1000 or $1100 dollars for everything! 
A gimbal, handheld too, plus a nice back pack and drone.
However, the camera is an extra price of around 300 dollars.  Ok that makes it $1100.  Think about that for a moment, if it crashes, that's 1100 dollars lost!  To loose a 400-500 dollar drone hurts, but add a 300 camera to that loss.  That's real painful!  I think it makes more sense to buy a gimbal and the camera seperately and it will be only 600 - 700 dollars.  The drone is an extra 400 dollars.  If you were to take that same 400 dollars and buy a DJI Phantom 3 Standard or Advance.  The image quality will still rock, and if the drone crashes. You only loose 400 dollars, and not $1100.  Fpr me it's too much to loose 

Another concern is weight.  It's heavy at almost 4 pounds, and the flight time is averaging only 13.5 minutes.  Not long at all.  Very disappointing.  Plus it's still pretty large, even though it's compact, the DJI Mavic has it beat there.  I do like this drone and its idea, but for me the price needs to come down more.
Will need to register with FAA:

Ok so It looks like I hit and missed and came close!!!!

Bebop 2 is 399   

DJI has the amazing offers for Black Friday with gifts too!!!!! 
If the price changed at Amazon, DJI has it on sale until the 28th. Click the banner below and get it from DJI.

DJI Phantom 3 Standard - Black Friday Special $399
You may want to also visit there site!  Click the banner above.

Video Predictions for the Best Advanced Drone Deals this Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Really excited about the newest drones that are hitting the market this October! 

GOPRO KARMA is already creating a huge buzz! 

It is cool, sleek and portable with folding landing gear and arms.  It also includes a backpack with a molded interior, and a gaming-style controller with a built-in touchscreen display. 

GoPro promises that "Karma is more than just a drone," by including a removable gimbal that can be used with the included Karma Grip

The new GoPro Karma drone costs $799 US dollars and does not include a built camera. So you need to buy the GoPro Karma together with a camera as a bundle, you can get it with a GoPro Session for US$999 or the new GoPro Hero5 Black for US$1,099.

The GoPro Karma has four arms (one rotor on each) that can be folded flat against the drone's body allowing for an easier transport inside any backpack.  It features a three-axis gimbal for stable video shooting.

It comes out on October 23rd.  When we get it, we’ll give you a review.  Meanwhile you can check it out at

Add Lights to your Drone Easily and cheaply!

A great way to add lights to your drone, to make them brighter is to use Finger Lights!
Finger lights are cheap and have an included rubberband attached making them simple to attach to any toy, or RC device such as a Drone, Heli, or plane.

Check out this video to see how easy it is to do yourself!

Super Fun Mini Drone JXD 512V Mini UFO
looks like a Big Bee, fun and easy to fly a nd great for chasing cats and people!

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